Edu Space

E-learning platform 

Edu Space is an online educational platform offering creative courses in various disciplines. It brings together professionals and creative enthusiasts, providing access to courses taught by industry experts. In addition to training, it serves as a social network for creative collaboration.


  • To provide an atractive and easy access to relevant content for users with educational objectives.
  • To create an intuitive  design according with the objective public, that is easy to understand and use it regularly.
  • To maintain user engagement and increase the potential for conversions

Accessibility across multiple devices

Following the guidelines for accessibility compliance, my efforts were directed towards guaranteeing the accessibility of the new platform on various devices, all in accordance with WCAG standards. This encompassed improving color accessibility and ensuring compatibility with screen readers.

A Balance of aesthetics and functionality

The creation of a design aimed to reflect an intuitive and efficient navigation. The precise selection of colors, typography, and visual elements was carried out to convey a sense of accessibility and enhance focus on learning. The interface was crafted not only to be aesthetically appealing but also functional and tailored to the evolving needs of online education.

Modern visual language

The goal is to not just achieve visual appeal but also ensure the design is accessible and easily understood by users, fostering a positive experience. This approach combines contemporary aesthetics with practical usability considerations, resulting in a design that authentically caters to the needs and tastes of the target audience.